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Castlemilk Morrit
Castlemilk Morrit

During the early years of the twentieth century the late Sir Jock Buchanan-Jardine began a breeding programme on his Castlemilk Estate in Dumfriesshire. Using Manx Loghtan, moorit Shetland and wild Mouflon, he developed a breed to beautify his parkland and provide fine, kemp free moorit coloured wool.

On the death of Sir John Buchanan-Jardine in 1970 the majority of the flock was culled and a few dispersed, including six ewes and a ram which were bought by Joe Henson at the Cotswold Farm Park. All today’s Castlemilk Moorits are descended from these few dispersed sheep.

Black Welsh Mountain Castlemilk Morrit
Torwen Badger Face Badgerface
Kerry Hill Shetland
Dexter BalwenWelshMountain